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    County Issues Newsletter | March 2023

    News Article | March 10, 2023

    D.C. Watch

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    Legislative Services

    U.S. House Appropriations Chairwoman Kay Granger (R-Fort Worth) announced new rules for Community Project Funding (CPF) requests. The electronic portal for members to submit their requests to the committee opened today at 9 a.m. Members can submit up to 15 requests. All available subcommittee guidance documents with additional deadlines and rules can be found here.

    CPF is an opportunity in the federal appropriations process to shape meaningful policy outcomes at the local level. The initiative empowers Congress to direct aid to specific projects in their districts and ensures they are responsive to local needs.

    This process presents an opportunity for eligible entities to avoid the complexities of federal grant programs. However, entities interested in earmarks should quickly develop CPF requests given the tight timeline.

    For more information about this article, please contact Megan Molleur at (800) 456‑5974.