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    County Issues Newsletter | March 2023

    News Article | March 31, 2023

    Selected Grant Opportunities for Texas Counties

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    Legislative Services
    Federal Funding Opportunities
    OVW Fiscal Year 2023 Rural Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking Program
    Date Due: 4/11/2023
    Funding Agency Contact: or (866) 274-0960
    BJA FY 2023 Formula DNA Capacity Enhancement for Backlog Reduction (CEBR) Program
    Date Due: 4/19/2023
    Funding Agency Contact: or (800) 851-3420
    OVW Fiscal Year 2023 Grants to Improve the Criminal Justice Response
    Date Due: 4/20/2023
    Funding Agency Contact: or (202) 307-6026
    FY 2023 COPS Hiring Program
    Date Due: 5/4/2023
    Funding Agency Contact: or (833) 872-5175
    OVC FY 2023 Services for Victims of Human Trafficking
    Date Due: 5/4/2023
    Funding Agency Contact: or (800) 851-3420
    Pipeline Emergency Response Grant (PERG) – Fiscal Year 2023 (DOT)
    Date Due: 5/4/2023
    Funding Agency Contact: or (202) 366-4059
    OJJDP FY2023 Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Program
    Date Due: 5/9/2023
    Funding Agency Contact: or (800) 851-3420
    Staff Sergeant Fox Suicide Prevention Grant Program
    Date Due: 5/19/2023
    Funding Agency Contact: or (202) 502-0002
    BJA FY2023 Community Courts Initiative
    Date Due: 5/24/2023
    Funding Agency Contact: or (800) 851-3420
    Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Discretionary Grant Opportunity (CFI)
    Date Due: 5/30/2023
    Funding Agency Contact:
    Community Connect Grant Program for Fiscal Year 2023 (USDA)
    Date Due: 6/20/2023
    Funding Agency Contact: or (202) 578-6926
    State Funding Opportunities
    FY 2024-25 Crime Victim Services Grants Application Cycle
    Date Due: 4/14/2023 (Register by 3/31/2023 in order to have sufficient time to complete the application via GOALS by 4/14/2023.)
    Funding Agency Contact: or (512) 936-0792
    Bringing Online Opportunities to Texas (BOOT) Program
    Date Due: 5/5/2023
    Funding Agency Contact:
    Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, Lead Service Line Replacement Program, State Fiscal Year 2023
    Date Due: 5/23/2023
    Funding Agency Contact: Heather O’Keefe at (512) 475-1835 or

    For more on these and other grant opportunities, please visit the Texas Association of Counties' grant opportunities webpage, or contact Megan Molleur or Zelma Smith.