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    County Issues Newsletter | April 28 2023

    News Article | April 28, 2023

    Selected Grant Opportunities for Texas Counties

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    Legislative Services

    Federal Funding Opportunities
    BJA FY 2023 Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grants Program – Competitive
    Date Due: 5/24/2023
    Funding Agency Contact: or (800) 851-3420
    BJA FY 2023 Rural and Small Department Violent Crime Reduction Program
    Date Due: 6/13/2023
    Funding Agency Contact: or (800) 851-3420
    BJA FY 2023 Smart Reentry: Expanding Jail Programs and Services
    Date Due: 6/5/2023
    Funding Agency Contact: or (800) 851-3420
    State Funding Opportunities
    No new state funding opportunities in April 2023.

    For more on these and other grant opportunities, please visit the Texas Association of Counties' grant opportunities webpage, or contact Megan Molleur or Zelma Smith.