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    Healthy Byte | January 2022 | Volume 9, Issue 1

    News Article | January 31, 2022

    New Year, New Goals. Join WW by Feb. 28 for FREE Start Strong Kit

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    Did you know? Weight loss is 20% activity, 80% what you eat. With WW's NEW PersonalPoints™ Program, you'll get a personalized food plan designed just for you.

    • Customization like never before. After you join WW, we'll ask you a series of questions, then our nutrition and behavior change scientists design your unique PersonalPoints Budget and ZeroPoint™ food list.
    • Zero deprivation. Cook your favorite meals. Go to brunch, happy hour and parties. With our program, nothing is off limits — just total livability.
    • Science, simplified. Based on groundbreaking nutritional and behavior-change research, the new WW program rewards you for healthy habits so you stick with them! For the first time ever, you'll add Points® for doing healthy things — such as eating veggies, drinking water and moving more.

    Join a program that helps you lose weight — and keep it off!

    Also, check out several flavor-packed winter soup and stew recipes provided by WW!


    The Texas Association of Counties has partnered with WW to bring you access to the WW digital program at less than $13 per month! To learn more, visit Join by Feb. 28 to get a FREE Start Strong Kit with your membership purchase.

    You can sign up for WW at on the county health plan will select MEMBER to enter your BCBSTX ID number to receive the $12.72/month discounted rate. All spouses, dependents, and employees not on the county health plan will choose EMPLOYEE to receive the $16.96/month enhanced rate.