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    News Article | July 20, 2022

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    "I was recently appointed to the Treasurer position after the previous Treasurer decided to retire early. I'm also running unopposed on the November ballot. Will I need to renew my bond along with the other bonded newly elected officials or can I keep my current bond that doesn't expire until July of next year?"

    If an appointed officer was bonded upon appointment, should that officer renew their bond with the other elected officials to be up on the regular schedule?

    Yes. A new term requires a new bond. An appointed officer's bond would, depending on when they took office, cover a full unexpired term or through the date a person elected to fill the unexpired term took office after the election or appointment to fill the vacancy. Thus, once an election is held and a new term begins, a new bond would be necessary, regardless of whether the appointed official remains in office.

    There is no state requirement that county officers file new bonds at the same time, although counties may choose this option for efficiency.  For more information, see our publication Oath & Bond Requirements for County Officials.