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    News Article | July 20, 2022


    Legal Guidance

    "There are so many website posting requirements related to elections that I can't remember them all. Does TAC have or know of any resources avaliable to counties to help us navigate all the requirments?"

    What resources does TAC's Legal Department know about or provide to help county officials with election website requirements?

    TAC's Legal Department developed a legal handbook, Short Answers to Common Questions: Website Posting Requirements for Counties, that includes a list of the county website requirements TAC is aware of at the time of publication. The list includes posting requirements for election notice, budget, economic development, ethics and campaign finance, judicial, law enforcement, open government, property, public finance, tax rates, and general administration.

    The League of Women Voters of Texas has additional resources that may help counties improve the usability of their websites, including the 2022 Primary Election County Website Review, County Election Website Checklist and a guide to the 2022 Suggested Best Practices for County Election Websites.