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    News Article | July 20, 2022

    Fireworks/Burn Ban

    Legal Guidance

    "This year our county would like to allow public displays of fireworks during the December fireworks period. Does commissioners court have the authority to designate where these public displays can take place?"

    Can the commissioners court permit public displays of fireworks during certain times and at certain locations?

    Yes, under Local Government Code §352.051(f), the county may designate one or more “safe” areas where the use of restricted fireworks is not prohibited. The county may also designate a specific date or dates on which fireworks are permitted in the “safe” areas. In determining if an area may be considered “safe” the court should consider whether adequate public safety and fire protection services are provided to the area. For more information, see our publication Short Answers to Common Questions: Burn Ban, Regulation of Fireworks and Declaration of Local Disaster.