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    News Article | July 20, 2022

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    "Our county has a few confirmed cases of COVID-19. Several buisness owners have expressed concern about enforcing quarantine for those individuals. The buisness owners have reached out to the commissioners court requesting specific information about those residents who tested positive. What information can we provide?"

    What can a county official say publicly about local cases of COVID-19?

    A county official can say how many cases exist in the county so long as they do not identify any individuals. A county should not disclose any additional information to the public about the cases to avoid disclosing protected health information. For more information, see TAC's Public Health Questions Related to COVID-19 publication. TAC continues to update our Legal Resources for County COVID-19 Response webpage as new information becomes available. You can also call the TAC Helpline (888) 275-8224, and one of our Legal staff members will be happy to assist you.