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    Across the state, 254 counties serve the needs of more than 28 million Texans.

    Awards | September 07, 2023

    2012 County Best Practices Award Recipients

    Program Title: Law Enforcement Center
    County: Carson County
    Contact: Brenda Vermillion
    Phone: (806) 537-5395

    Description: The Carson County Sheriff’s Office worked with the City of Panhandle to develop a law enforcement center that serves all the cities as well as all residents of Carson county.

    Details: View Video

    Award: Service

    Program Title: Records Management: Record, Retain, Recycle
    County: Hidalgo County
    Contact: Arturo Guajardo, Jr.
    Phone: (956) 318-2100

    Description: This records management program created a systematic method to manage the county’s increasing volume of recyclable materials.

    Details: View Video

    Award: Innovation

    Program Title: Senior Skip- Out
    County: Lipscomb County
    Contact: Sana Alexander
    Phone: (806) 862-2611

    Description: The Sheriff’s Department created a program to help the county’s graduating high school seniors prepare for the “real world” that awaits them outside the Lipscomb county line.

    Details: View Video

    Award: Outstanding Achievement

    Program Title: Empowering Seniors
    County: Tarrant County
    Contact: Gary Fickes
    Phone: (817) 581-3600

    Description: Tarrant County created a senior task force to help area retirees better navigate the complex web of government agencies, health care and financial institutions and other life issues that come with aging.

    Details: View Video

    Award: Innovation