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    Across the state, 254 counties serve the needs of more than 28 million Texans.

    Awards | September 07, 2023

    2016 County Best Practices Award Recipients

    Program Title: 10-Month Payment Plan for Seniors, Disabled Citizens, and Disabled Veterans
    County: Bexar County
    Contact: Lisa Anderson, Tax Office - Chief of Administration
    Phone: (210) 335-6585

    Description: The county created a program allowing select residents spread their property tax payments out over 10 months.

    Program Title: University of County Government
    County: Comal County
    Contact: Paul Anthony, Public Information Officer
    Phone: (830) 221-1110

    Description: The county created a weekly, nine-session course to educate the public about county government and encourage civic engagement.

    Program Title: Web Mapping Application for West Nile Virus Surveillance
    County: Denton County
    Contact: Aldo Avina, GIS Coordinator
    Phone: (940) 349-4590

    Description: The county’s Health Department and its Geographic Information Systems Division worked together to expand surveillance for mosquito-borne West Nile virus in the county’s unincorporated areas and develop an online interactive map that presents county data alongside that collected by municipalities.

    Program Title: Sovereign Filings
    County: El Paso County
    Contact: Delia Briones, County Clerk
    Phone: (915) 546-2071

    Description: The county created a process to address and review sovereign filings.

    Program Title: Non-Disruptive Pipe Repair
    County: Gregg County
    Contact: Ronnie McKinney, Commissioner Precinct 1
    Phone: (903) 663-0400

    Description: Using an innovative method to replace metal storm culvert pipes, the county saved money and avoided having to excavate roadways and disrupt traffic.

    Program Title: Executive Office: Vehicle GPS Program
    County: Hidalgo County
    Contact: J. Chris Trevino, County Operations Administrator
    Phone: (956) 292-7007

    Description: GPS trackers have been placed in county cars to monitor locations, speed, mileage, etc., effectively cutting down on fuel cost.

    Program Title: Mental Health Docket
    County: Potter County
    Contact: County Judge Nancy Tanner
    Phone: (806) 379-2251

    Description: The county created a mental health docket to reduce the number of inmates with mental illness diagnoses serving time for minor offenses in the county jail.

    Program Title: Honorary Jurors Program
    County: Tarrant County
    Contact: Sergio L. De Leon, Justice of the Peace Precinct 5
    Phone: (817) 713-7920

    Description: The county created this program to deliver public education to students about the justice of the peace and constable’s duties.

    Program Title: Cash Balancing Standardization Project
    County: Tarrant County
    Contact: Anita Elsakhawy, Director of Accounting
    Phone: (817) 884-1708

    Description: This program improves the management of tax dollars through the use of new tools and procedures.

    Program Title: Armed Forces First Initiative
    County: Tarrant County
    Contact: Steve Townsend, Precinct 4 Administrator
    Phone: (817) 238-4400

    Description: This program honors members of the U.S. military seeking in-person county services.

    Program Title: Senior Fraud Prevention Program
    County: Travis County
    Contact: Garry Brown, Community Outreach Director
    Phone: (512) 854-0171

    Description: The county developed a program to deliver helpful tips and resources to seniors.

    Program Title: Text 2 Register Program
    County: Travis County
    Contact: Amanda Katzer, Tax Office - Business Analyst
    Phone: (512) 854-3991

    Description: The county established a program that allows residents to text a request for a voter registration form.

    Program Title: Driver's License Assistance Program
    County: Travis County
    Contact: Lisa Rush, Manager RMCR Law Library & Self Help Center
    Phone: (512) 854-9290

    Description: The county created a program that helps indigent defendants get an Occupations Driver’s License.

    Program Title: Criminal Attorney Upload/Interface
    County: Travis County
    Contact: Nicki Riley, Auditor
    Phone: (512) 854-3227

    Description: Indigent defense attorneys now use an electronic process for payments, resulting in an increase in accuracy and a decrease in processing times.

    Program Title: Digital Justice Court
    County: Travis County
    Contact: Nathan Armentrout, Justice of the Peace Precinct 2. Executive Assistant
    Phone: (512) 854-6369

    Description: The county is now using electronic forms to help reduce paper consumption. The program allows items to be quickly signed, filed and emailed.

    Program Title: Crossroads Area Veterans Center
    County: Victoria County
    Contact: Benjamin Zeller, County Judge
    Phone: (361) 575-4558

    Description: The county established the Crossroads Area Veterans Center to provide a one-stop shop for veterans seeking benefits assistance, mental health services and job counseling.

    Program Title: Same-Day Appointment
    County: Williamson
    Contact: Larry Gaddes, Tax Assessor-Collector
    Phone: (512) 943-1954

    Description: The county created an online resource where residents may schedule same-day appointments and avoid long wait times.

    Program Title: Legislative Initiative for Reactivation of Peace Officer License
    County: Webb County
    Contact: Anita Guerra, Grant Writer
    Phone: (956) 523-4521

    Description: This program helped introduce and pass legislation that allows the reactivation of retired peace officers’ licenses.

    Program Title: Legislative Initiative for County Right of Way Royalty
    Counties: DeWitt, Gonzales & Karnes counties
    Contact: Daryl L. Fowler, DeWitt County Judge
    Phone: (361) 275-0961

    Description: Representatives in these counties introduced legislation that allows revenue from oil and gas leases on county rights of way be set aside for county use.

    Program Title: Energy Sector Tax Equity and State Responsibility Legislative Initiative
    Counties: DeWitt, Gonzales, Karnes, Live Oak & McMullen counties
    Contact: Daryl L. Fowler, DeWitt County Judge
    Phone: (361) 275-0961

    Description: County judges and commissioners in these five counties coordinated efforts to pass legislation that provides opportunities for enhanced local revenue and state grants to fund road repairs and improve public safety for hundreds of miles of road damaged during the recent oil and gas boom.