County Auditor

Description of Office

  • Appointed by the district judge(s).
  • Prepares and administers accounting records for all county funds.
  • Audits the records and accounts of the various county departments.
  • Verifies the validity and legality of all county disbursements.
  • Forecasts financial data for budgetary formulation purposes.
  • Serves as budget officer in counties with more than 225,000 residents. (Counties with more than 125,000 residents may opt for an appointed budget officer.)
For more complete information about the duties of the county auditor and other county officials, see the "2016 Guide to Texas Laws for County Officials."
Please note: Some duties performed by officials may vary within individual counties.

Education Requirements

Coordinating body
Texas State Board of Public Accountancy
333 Guadalupe, Tower III, Suite 900
Austin, Texas 78701
William Treacy
Executive Director
Texas State Board of Public Accountancy
CPE Division
TAC's Sponsor ID: 05298
(512) 305-7844
The Texas State Board of Public Accountancy is the permanent contact for county auditors hours. TAC is an approved provider/sponsor for CPE by the State Board of Public Accountancy. We file an agreement annually to maintain this status which allows CPE credit to be offered at all TAC programs. The auditor determines the number of hours they wish to claim. Program agendas do not need to be submitted for approval.
Programs that qualify
Any program that offers official CPE as defined by the State Board of Public Accountancy.
Filing for credit
Attendance forms or certificates of completion must be provided to each course participant. Each auditor/CPA is responsible for retaining verification to submit to his district judge(s) or the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy. The sponsor must retain a record for five years as verification of attendance.
Continuing education requirements
County Auditors/CPA's are required to attain 40 hours during each two-year appointment.
Legal source
V.T.C.A., Tex. Local Gov’t. Code, Sec. 84.0085

Open Government Training Information

Elected and appointed public officials are required by a state law to receive training in Texas open government laws. For more information on this training including free video training courses, check out The Office of the Attorney General website​.

County Official Organizations

The Texas Association of Counties serves as the umbrella organization for various independent county official organizations in Texas. These organizations serve as an important resource for county officials for information, networking and advocacy.

The association for this office:

Texas Association of County Auditors