Senate Bill 2 Explanatory Q&A

There are resources to help understand the bill and how it will impact county and local governments. TAC drafted a bill summary, in the 2019 Legislative Analysis Report, which provides a high level overview of the 148-page bill, a budget time table, and identifies some related news clips. For more information on SB 2, TAC created a short document discussing those provisions which will have the greatest impact on counties in the Senate Bill 2 Explanatory Q&A document.


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The Cost of County Government

March 19, 2019

This eye-opening report details the growing financial impact of unfunded and underfunded state mandates on county budgets and on the property taxpayers who fund those budgets.

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The Texas Legislature needs to hear your voice. As a county official, your knowledge of the grassroots level of government makes your perspective invaluable for legislators. Participate in the legislative process and join the Core Legislative Group.

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