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    Education & Training

    The Texas Association of Counties (TAC) provides a wide variety of coordinated, professionally planned training events to address the daily challenges of county officials and staff.

    Education & Training

    Texas Judicial Academy

    The Texas Judicial Academy's mission is to ensure judicial excellence through providing education and resources for the constitutional county courts of Texas. The Academy is a partnership between the Texas Association of Counties (TAC) and the Texas Tech University School of Law.

    The goals of the Texas Judicial Academy include:

    • Providing continuing education for judges and court personnel through a wide variety of educational opportunities like seminars, conferences, roundtable discussions and courses
    • Providing resources for judges and court personnel through annual updating and revision of the County Court Bench Manual
    • Recognizing judges who exceed the minimum continuing judicial education requirements
    • Identifying new and emerging social, criminal, administrative and technology trends that affect courts
    • Fostering and encouraging a dialogue between the bench, bar and the public concerning issues of judicial excellence.
    Texas Judicial Academy Staff

    The Texas Judicial Academy staff are available to answer your judicial, education and conference-related questions.

    For judicial or administrative duty questions, please contact our staff below:

    Stephanie A. Moreno
    Judicial Education Program Manager
    Tramer J. Woytek
    Judicial Resource Liaison & County Relations Officer

    Judicial Hotline: (844) CoJudge or (844) 265‑8343

    For questions regarding conference registration, continuing education hours or membership dues, contact TAC Judicial Education Services at (512) 478‑8753 and ask for:

    Ashley Royer CMP
    Judicial Education Manager
    Regan Williams
    Judicial Education Coordinator
    Education & Training

    Texas Judicial Academy Calendar of Events

     Education and Training  Visit our calendar for more information and to register for a specific Texas Judicial Academy event.


    Texas Judicial Academy Resources

     Education and Training  From the Bench Book to forms, helpful links and other resources, find answers here.


    Texas Judicial Academy Rules

     Education and Training  Review the Rules of Education and other guidelines from the Texas Judicial Academy.


    Texas Judicial Academy Committees

     Education and Training  The County Judges Education Advisory Committee has supported judicial education programs for constitutional county judges.


    Texas Judicial Academy Frequently Asked Questions

     Education and Training  Collections of the most common questions and brief, easy-to-understand answers.