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Texas Association of Counties
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    Texas Counties 101

    Across the state, 254 counties serve the needs of more than 28 million Texans.

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    County Elections Database

    View unofficial county election results that are searchable by year and county


    Submit Your Election Results

    What is the database?

    The County Elections Database provides information on all county-held elections, both primary and general. As years of data are collected from the counties, the database will grow to become a historical repository.

    The database is a one-stop resource for counties, the public and news organizations.

    What's needed to build and maintain this great resource?

    The Texas Association of Counties needs to collect county election data from election administrators and county clerks across the state.

    Help build TAC's County Elections Database!

    We greatly appreciate the support of election administrators and county clerks. Through their collective participation, the County Elections Database will become a valuable resource for counties, the public and new organizations. Please submit your election results.

    Election results are provided by each county and are considered unofficial. For official election results, contact the county directly. Please check back often for updated results. Visit the Texas Secretary of State Elections Division for more information.

    If you have any updates, please email Ron Morelli or submit election results online. For more information or questions, email Ron Morelli.