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    Education & Training

    The Texas Association of Counties (TAC) provides a wide variety of coordinated, professionally planned training events to address the daily challenges of county officials and staff.

    Education & Training | July 24, 2023

    County Investment Academy

    The Texas Association of Counties (TAC) County Investment Academy provides educational programs that help county officials and staff learn how to best manage county financial assets.

    The Academy is a cooperative partnership with the McCoy College of Business Administration at Texas State University. Educational programs are open to all county officials and staff. Membership is not required to attend any program offered by the Academy.

    Academy Membership

    Become a member by completing the Basics of County Investments Course, formerly the TAC County Investment Officer (CIO) Level 1 course, offered annually in February. See details below under Conferences and Training. Membership in the Academy is maintained by earning 15 credit hours per calendar year. Five outside hours and five carryover hours are allowed per year.

    • Learn the laws and regulations that govern investment operations.
    • Receive updates on the U.S. economy and timely trends in investing.
    • Gain access to a network of experienced county investors, economists and other experts from across the state.
    • Sessions meet the education requirements of the Texas Public Funds Investment Act.
    • Continuing education hours are approved for County Investment Academy members.
    • CPAs, auditors, treasurers, clerks and commissioners may also earn credit toward mandatory continuing education requirements.
    • Academy members are recognized with awards on the 5-, 10-, 15-, and 20-year anniversaries of earning their membership.

    Conferences and Training

    Both the Annual Conference of the County Investment Academy and the Texas Public Funds Investment Conference curriculum comply with the training requirements of the Public Funds Investment Act.

    Visit our calendar for more information about a specific event and to register.

    Basics of County Investments Course

    Held annually in February/March. Successful completion of this course is required for admittance into the Academy.

    The course meets the education requirements of the Texas Public Funds Investment Act and includes basic laws and regulations governing investment operations. Presentations will cover products and services in the public funds markets and updates on the latest laws and strategies.

    The essentials are explored in the first three days, with an optional additional seven-hour hands-on workshop for those wanting more in-depth knowledge. Academy membership, or completion of the Basics of County Investments Course, is not required to attend other Academy trainings.

    Conference of the County Investment Academy

    Held annually in June. It provides 15 hours of County Investment Academy continuing education.

    Investment officers, economists and other experts discuss influences on the current economy and timely trends in investing. They also provide the most up-to-date information on the economy, monetary policy, ethics, municipal bonds and an in-depth understanding of local government pools. Breakout sessions offer both basic- and advanced-level sessions.

    Texas Public Funds Investment Conference

    Held annually in November. It provides 10 hours of County Investment Academy continuing education.

    Experts from the financial industry and seasoned investment officers discuss the U.S. economy, letters of credit, municipal bonds and federally insured cash accounts. The conference features basic and advanced tracks with topics to meet county investing needs.

    County Investment Academy Community

    Membership in the County Investment Academy also gains you access to the County Investment Academy Community. The community is a discussion group that academy members use to efficiently get answers to questions, share insights and learn from the experiences of their peers.

    Education & Training

    Investment Academy Calendar of Events

     Education and Training  Visit our calendar for more information and to register for a specific County Investment Academy event.

    Education & Training

    Investment Academy Rules and Resources

     Education and Training  For membership criteria, pre-approved outside programs, outside hours application and to join the Listserv.

    Education & Training

    Investment Academy Quarterly Survey

     Education and Training  This survey provides data that will guide the County Investment Academy as it works on the structure and design of future training.

    Education & Training

    Investment Academy Call for Presentations

     Education and Training  Submit a proposal to be a presenter for an upcoming County Investment Academy conference or training event.

    Deanna Auert Manager of TAC Programs & Education
    Amy Lawson Senior Project Coordinator
    (800) 456‑5974