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    Education & Training

    The Texas Association of Counties (TAC) provides a wide variety of coordinated, professionally planned training events to address the daily challenges of county officials and staff.

    Education & Training

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    The County Investment Academy provides educational programs that help county officials and staff develop a financial strategy and wisely manage county assets.

    Prudent management of public funds requires specialized knowledge and expertise. Proper training for public funds investors can mean the difference between an embarrassing financial disaster and investment returns that supplement precious tax dollars.

    The County Investment Academy is a cooperative partnership between the Texas Association of Counties and the McCoy College of Business Administration at Texas State University. McCoy College faculty sit on the County Investment Academy Education Committee, teach courses, help plan Academy trainings and review course content.

    Our training presents the basic laws and regulations and governing investment operations pertaining to county government and provides updates on the U.S. economy and timely trends in investing. Attendees have access to accurate, in-depth information and to a network of experienced county investors, economists and other experts.

    All educational programs are open to all county officials and staff. Sessions meet the education requirements of the Texas Public Funds Investment Act. CPAs, auditors, treasurers, clerks and commissioners may also earn credit toward mandatory continuing education requirements.

    Education Programs

    The County Investment Academy Education Committee meets in January and July to plan the curriculum for the Academy's June and November events, respectively. Presenters/panelists should plan to conduct an engaging 50-minute presentation with no more than three co-presenters/panelists.

    • June: Conference of the County Investment Academy (approx. 175 attendees)
    • November: Texas Public Funds Investment Conference (approx. 125 attendees)
    Presentation Proposals

    Proposals from potential speakers are evaluated for:

    • Relevance to the basic laws and regulations governing investment operations for counties.
    • Timely investment trends.
    • Updates on the U.S. and Texas economy.
    • Intelligent and clearly articulated submission materials with achievable learning objectives.
    • Creative approach to presenting the topic.
    • Presenter/speaker qualifications.
    • Useful information provided that county officials and staff can apply to daily work life.
    • Appropriate to an intermediate or advanced audience.

    Only complete proposals will be considered. After the Education Committee meetings, presenter selection notifications are typically sent to proposers the following month.

    Suggested Presentation Topics
    • PFIA Compliance
    • Economic Update
    • Ethics in Investments
    • Investment Policies and Strategies
    • Economic Forecast
    • Opportunities to Sell/Swap Securities
    • Cash Flow Forecasting
    • Choosing the Right Benchmarks
    • External Auditor/Internal Controls
    • Accounting for Investments
    • Evaluating Credit Alternatives When Investing Public Funds
    • Step-by-Step Process of Buying
    • Data Security
    • Relative Value on the Yield Curve
    • Depository Contracts
    • Elements of Safekeeping
    • Valuing Collateral
    • Municipal Bonds
    • Liquidity Estimating
    • Local Government Pools
    • Money Market Mutual Funds

    If you have any questions, contact Deanna Auert at (800) 456-5974.

    Call for Presentations form


    Investment Academy Call for Presentations Form

     Education and Training  Submit a proposal to be a presenter for an upcoming County Investment Academy conference or training event.

    Education & Training

    Investment Academy Calendar of Events

     Education and Training  Visit our calendar for more information and to register for a specific County Investment Academy event.

    Deanna Auert Manager of TAC Programs & Education
    Amy Lawson Senior Project Coordinator
    (800) 456‑5974