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    Healthy County Boot Camp

    • February 07, 2024 - February 09, 2024
    • 03:00 PM - 12:00 PM
    • Kalahari Resorts & Conventions
      3001 Kalahari Blvd.
      Round Rock, TX 78665
    • Contact your Wellness Consultant, Rachel Kucera or Megan West at (800) 456‑5974.
    • Contact Us
    Healthy County Boot Camp
    Hosted by TAC Health and Employee Benefits Consultants
    Outdoor Activity: Run/Walk Indoor Activity: TBD
    Speaker: Christine Cashen, Hall of Fame Speaker and Author Learn to “Compose and Dispose” of worry like a boss and figure out what really gives you energy (spoiler alert: it's not just that double-shot latte). With tips to leverage levity, you'll be leading by example and inspiring others in no time. Get your groove back with tips to “flip the script” and choose your emotional state. You'll leave feeling charged up and motivated to work your magic in both your personal and professional life. So don't miss out on these creative and fun ideas that will help you be less tired and ready to rock every single day!
    Speakers: Lisa Brown, Director, Strategic Accounts, WedMD Health Services, Kelly Gunsul, Senior Client Success Manager, WebMD Health Services Lee Tye, Senior Implementation Consultant, WebMD Health Services This session will help you navigate through the various features of the WebMD ONE platform powered by Healthy County to make the most of your experience on the portal. We will help you register an account and show you around the amazing tools and resources available. We are excited to guide you through completing the WebMD ONE Assessment, starting a Daily Habits Plan, downloading the app, and so much more! Our goal is to make your experience with WebMD ONE enjoyable and stress-free.
    Speakers: Lisa Brown, Director, Strategic Accounts, WedMD Health Services Kelly Gunsul, Senior Client Success Manager, WebMD Health Services Lee Tye, Senior Implementation Consultant, WebMD Health Services During this session, we will demonstrate the various features and functionalities of the Site Manager admin tool. Topics covered include reporting (which provides a wide variety of demographic, activity, and health risk reports) setting up and managing a challenge, and best practices for creating homepage cards and banners to make your group’s site unique and stay fresh with relevant content.
    Speaker: Christine Cashen Are you tired of a drizzly brainstorm when you could have a Brain Hurricane? Say goodbye to creative blocks and hello to great ideas in half the time! Christine has tools to boost group morale, relieve workplace tension and get your productivity to storm status. You'll learn how to wake up your innovative brain and mind map the way to your subconscious in this interaction session. Plus, the "what if" game will generate so many ideas, you'll need a bigger boat. Discover how to create a creative climate, handle time stealers and solve problems quickly. Get ready to have a Brain Hurricane and make it rain with amazing ideas!
    Dinner: Provided Attire: Cocktail
    Outdoor Activity: Run/Walk Indoor Activity: TBD
    Speaker: Mark Zollitsch, Senior Wellness Consultant, TAC Resource availability is critical for improving health and decreasing pre-mature mortality. In this roundtable session, attendees will learn what resources are necessary and helpful, and how to access or make up for resources not locally available, which can be shared with their county/county-entity employees. Resource areas include movement, food, medical care, socio-emotional care and environment. The session will dance back and forth between short presentation sections followed by a question(s) for table discussion.
    Speaker: Dr. Jessica Grossmeier, CEO, Jessica Grossmeier Consulting Employee well-being has been deeply challenged, highlighting the opportunity for organizations to embrace a holistic approach to workforce well-being. As organizations step up their efforts to address workplace culture and create a more engaging employee experience in a competitive market for talent, the time is right to revisit well-being strategies and programs with an eye to emerging workforce needs and desires. This session presents a new framework for employee well-being that is grounded in research and will help attendees understand how to foster a stronger sense of purpose, social connection and transcendence for themselves and for others.

    *Agenda subject to change