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Texas Association of Counties
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    Legal Services

    TAC's Legal Services Department can help county officials with the challenges that they face due to a complex web of laws and regulations.

    LegalEase Continuing Education

    Access convenient, relevant training on legal topics specifically tailored to county government. See course offerings below for this on-demand training. The courses are relevant for all county officials, and the trainings are approved for continuing education credit as noted below each course.

    Continuing Education and Prerequisites
    The V.G. Young Institute of County Government at Texas A&M University is the education co-sponsor for the TAC LegalEase Continuing Education series. There are no prerequisites to attend these programs.

    Registration Fee
    Each course is $50 per video per viewer. Individuals must register with a unique email address.

    Detailed Course Information and Registration

    Training Opportunities

    LegalEase Continuing Education

    Multiple course offerings are available on demand for continuing education credit.

    January 01, 2023 - December 31, 2023
    On Demand

    We Are Here to Help

    Need assistance researching statutes, regulations, opinions and court cases relevant to a particular county situation?