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    News Article | July 20, 2022

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    "Our county has seen a lot of population growth over the last ten years. We're thinking about offering more incentives for developers who want to build buisnesses in our county. Are there any special reporting requirements for this type of program?"

    What are the reporting requirements for economic development agreements?

    Local Government Code §381.005 requires counties to report all economic development agreements to the Texas Comptroller using the eSystems database tool. If the county maintains an Internet website, they must also provide a direct link to the agreement published on the Comptroller’s website.

    More on economic development agreements: Chapter 381 allows counties to provide incentives to encourage developers to build in their jurisdictions. The commissioners court may create a program using public money to make loans and grants that encourage state or local economic development. The economic development agreements can also be used to stimulate and encourage business location and commercial activity in the county.