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Texas Association of Counties
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    Education & Training

    The Texas Association of Counties (TAC) provides a wide variety of coordinated, professionally planned training events to address the daily challenges of county officials and staff.


    County Elections Academy Advisory Committee


    Ms. Jennifer Doinoff
    Co-Chair | Hays County Elections Administrator
    Hon. Heather H. Hawthorne
    Co-Chair | Chambers County Clerk


    Hon. Jennifer Carey
    Erath County Tax Assessor-Collector
    Mr. Christopher Davis
    Travis County Voter Registration Division Director
    Mr. Remi Garza
    Cameron County Elections Administrator
    Hon. Schelana Hock
    Polk County Clerk
    Hon. Joyce G. Hudman
    Brazoria County Clerk
    Ms. Shannon Lackey
    Randall County Elections Administrator
    Hon. Laura E. Rogers
    Sherman County District/County Clerk

    Ex Officio

    Ms. Christina Adkins
    Secretary of State Office Director of Elections