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    Education & Training

    The Texas Association of Counties (TAC) provides a wide variety of coordinated, professionally planned training events to address the daily challenges of county officials and staff.

    Publications | July 24, 2023

    Texas Judicial Academy Useful Links and Sample Orders

    The Texas Judicial Academy provides sample orders, charts and other useful resources a guide. Please be sure to have your county attorney or legal counsel review all documents before using them in your courtroom.

    Resource Links

    Sample Orders


    Order in Probate to Transfer to District Court Sua Sponte

     Education and Training  Order in Probate to Transfer to District Court Sua Sponte (file download).


    Order to Dismiss

     Education and Training  Order to Dismiss (file download).


    Order to Close Guardianship

     Education and Training  Order to Close Guardianship (file download).


    Order to Close Guardianship – Deceased Ward

     Education and Training  Order to Close Guardianship – Deceased Ward (file download).


    Order on Motion for Continuance

     Education and Training  Order on Motion for Continuance (file download).



    Inquest Procedure

     Education and Training  Inquest Procedure (file download).


    Occupational Drivers License Flowchart

     Education and Training  Occupational Drivers License Flowchart (file download).


    Eviction Appeals from JP Court

     Education and Training  Eviction Appeals from JP Court (file download).

    Useful Links
    • Texas Justice Training Center provides training and resources to Constables and Justices of the Peace. Many of their resources overlap with the duties of a Constitutional County Judge, including civil matters, magistrate duties, inquests, and evictions.
    • Office of Court Administration operates under the direction and supervision of the Supreme Court of Texas and the Chief Justice. OCA provides resources and information for the efficient administration of the Judicial Branch. OCA offers programs and services to County Courts through their Guardianship, Abuse, Fraud & Exploitation Deterrence Program (GAFEDP), an extensive list of Forms for different areas of law, and a page for searchable local rules and standing order.
    • Administrative Judicial Regions oversee the appointment of visiting judges upon recusal, dismissal, or absence. Find your administrative Judge for instructions on how to request an appointment.
    • Texas Center on Family Violence provides publications and resources designed to create safer communities for Texas Families.
    • Texas Judicial Commission on Mental Health provides publications (Benchbookstoolkits), technical assistance and mapping to implement policies and procedures within the justice system that improves the lives of individuals with mental health needs, substance abuse disorders, or intellectual and developmental disabilities. JCMH coordinates localized Sequential Intercept Model (SIM) mapping workshops to determine and address gaps in services.

    THIS WEBSITE IS A RESEARCH TOOL AND NOT THE COUNSEL OF AN ATTORNEY. THIS WEBSITE IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR THE ADVICE OF AN ATTORNEY. It is provided without warranty of any kind and, as with any research tool, should be double checked against relevant statutes, case law, Attorney General opinions and advice of legal counsel, e.g., your county attorney. Each public officer is responsible for determining the duties of the office or position held. Any question should be directed to competent legal counsel for a written opinion.