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Texas Association of Counties
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    TAC Health & Employee Benefits Pool

    For more than 35 years, TAC has furnished high-quality benefits to Pool member employees, retirees, officials and their dependents.​


    Healthy County Portal

    ​Your Online Gateway to Wellness Tools and Resources

    Each of us can take steps, even small ones, to improve our overall well-being. Healthy County offers this integrated health and physical activity portal to provide access to a variety of tools and resources to help improve the overall health and wellness of county employees.

    What's Available
    • Wearable fitness and physical activity tracking
    • Device storefront
    • Wellness challenges
    • Online health coaching and education
    • Nutrition and other lifestyle trackers and tools
    • Incentive tracking redemption (for participating counties)

    This platform and wearable device program is offered at no charge to employees enrolled in the county's medical plan administered by the Texas Association of Counties Health and Employee Benefits Pool (TAC HEBP). This also includes self-insured ASO counties as well as fully-insured counties.

    We have partnered with WebMD ONE to make this portal available. Use the How to Guide to set up your account. For help with accessing the portal, connecting devices, participating in challenges and tracking incentives, please contact their Customer Support at (877) 855‑9430.

    Get 24/7 access to tools and resources (energized by WebMD ONE) to help you on your wellness journey.

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