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Texas Association of Counties
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    TAC Risk Management Pool

    ​The Texas Association of Counties Risk Management Pool (TAC RMP) has provided counties with a stable, sustainable resource of protection against risks and liabilities for more than 45 years.


    Cybersecurity Coverage


    TAC's Cybersecurity Risk Consultants assist TAC Risk Management Pool members with hardening their cyberpresence in an increasingly unsafe online environment. Among the services they provide include:

    • Assisting with identification of cyber risk hazards and effective cyber risk management solutions.
    • Assessing members' cybersecurity posture based on their unique needs.
    • Providing accurate and timely cyber-related news.
    • Building and maintaining relationships with TAC RMP members by understanding member needs.
    • Providing a quote on Privacy or Security Event Liability and Expense (Cybersecurity) Coverage.

    Privacy or Security Event Liability and Expense Coverage is provided at no additional charge to participants of the Public Officials Liability Program.


    Cybersecurity Coverage Resources

     Risk Management Pool  Additional cybersecurity resources and links.


    File a Claim

     Risk Management Pool  Claims Department: (800) 456-5974 (8 a.m.-5 p.m.) | 24/7 Claims Hotline: (855) 47CLAIM or (855) 472-5246 | Claims Fax: (512) 615-8942 or Email Us

    Current coverage for a privacy or security incident response includes:

    • Equipment, data and interruption costs - Electronic equipment, electronic data and network interruption costs with a sublimit of $100,000 per claim and an annual aggregate limit of $100,000.
    • Extortion costs - Cyber extortion expenses and monies with a sublimit of $10,000 per claim and an annual aggregate limit of $10,000.
    • Credit monitoring - Provide the option of credit monitoring services to those individuals whose data has been compromised.
    • Forensic investigations - Investigation into the cause of the data breach.
    • Public relations - Assistance with communications regarding the breach and the county's response to those affected and to the public.
    • Legal fees - Attorney's, court and other legal fees incurred following the data breach, subject to sublimit.
    • Regulatory proceedings and penalties - Coverage for regulatory proceedings and penalties incurred.
    • eRiskHub® Portal powered by NetDiligence® – TAC RMP Members participating in the Public Officials Liability program have access to a Cyber Liability Risk Portal. The site delivers a wealth of information to help counties understand the exposures, develop a response plan and minimize the effects of a breach of organization's data.