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Texas Association of Counties
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    TAC Risk Management Pool

    ​The Texas Association of Counties Risk Management Pool (TAC RMP) has provided counties with a stable, sustainable resource of protection against risks and liabilities for more than 45 years.


    Risk Management and Risk Control Training

    TAC Risk Management Pool (TAC RMP) members have access to training and educational programs to help them increase safety awareness and improve their risk management programs. Training is provided to Pool members at no additional cost.

    Regional Workshops and County Management and Risk Conference

    Learn about risk and how to manage it at a free, two-day annual conference and regional workshops focused on human resources, risk control and law enforcement.

    Risk Management On Demand

    Counties must invest in employee training and development to stay on top of regulatory changes, keep up with new workplace technology, ensure employees' safety and reduce county losses. Risk Management On Demand provides convenient and relevant risk management continuing education for TAC Risk Management Pool (TAC RMP) members as a benefit of membership.

    Simulator Training

    TAC offers driving, fire extinguisher and resistance response training that uses simulators to help provide realistic experiences to participants.

    Driving Simulator Training

    Members participating in the Automobile Liability and Workers’ Compensation programs have access to this training. Learn more.

    Laser-Driven Fire Extinguisher Simulator Training

    Members participating in the Workers’ Compensation and Property programs can participate in this training. The simulator uses a laser to replicate extinguisher discharge and does not leave a residue as with a dry-chemical or CO2 extinguisher. Participants can simulate class A, B and C fires. This ensures trainees are prepared for a real fire. Contact Simulator Program Supervisor Thomas Kerss for more information.

    Situational Threat Assessment and Reasonable Response (STARR)

    Members in the Law Enforcement Liability Program have access to this training, which helps county law enforcement officers who encounter volatile situations typical in law enforcement operations. Learn more.