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Texas Association of Counties
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    Texas Counties 101

    Across the state, 254 counties serve the needs of more than 28 million Texans.


    County Best Practices Awards Program

    Every two years, TAC recognizes county leaders' efforts to create new, efficient and effective solutions to challenges facing local governments. These solutions include innovative programs, increased delivery of services and superior achievements in all areas of county operations. Examples include:

    • Financial and general management
    • Public safety and corrections
    • Health and human services
    • Technology
    • Community improvements
    • Other county-related responsibilities.

    Through this program, TAC:

    • Highlights innovation and distributes vital information on what's working in county government;
    • Encourages recognition and inspiration for all county leaders; and
    • Improves the general public's perception of their county government and the value of their programs.

    The ultimate goal of the program is to recognize counties for innovation, inspire county leaders to develop improved programs, and create an avenue for promoting replicable and proven solutions to common county concerns.

    For more information, contact Kelley Nail at (800) 456-5974.

    What Gets Recognized
    Superior Innovation

    A program that demonstrates a significant level of innovation or streamlining of procedures that benefit the county and/or the public; a new method of operation or solution to a problem; or a measurable and significant increase in productivity, customer service and/or cost savings for the county.

    Outstanding Achievement

    A program or action that results in a landmark policy, program or legislative change in support of county operations; outstanding county leadership in fostering partnerships in the community and other levels of government to maximize resources; or a one-time heroic or extraordinary performance that produces tremendous benefits for the county and/or the public.

    Exceptional Delivery of Service

    A program that demonstrates the implementation of a process or program that significantly improves public access and/or use of a county service, is not necessarily high-tech or expensive and focuses on providing services beyond established performance standards.


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