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Texas Association of Counties
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    Education & Training

    Investment Academy

     Education and Training  Leadership 254 is designed to advance the skills of county officials to enable them to meet the unique challenges of their duties and to enhance their leadership skills and style.

    Judicial Resources

    Eviction Appeals from JP Court

     Education and Training  Eviction Appeals from JP Court (file download).

    Judicial Resources

    Occupational Drivers License Flowchart

     Education and Training  Occupational Drivers License Flowchart (file download).

    Judicial Resources

    Inquest Procedure

     Education and Training  Inquest Procedure (file download).

    Judicial Resources

    Order on Motion for Continuance

     Education and Training  Order on Motion for Continuance (file download).

    Judicial Resources

    Order to Close Guardianship – Deceased Ward

     Education and Training  Order to Close Guardianship – Deceased Ward (file download).

    Judicial Resources

    Order to Close Guardianship

     Education and Training  Order to Close Guardianship (file download).

    Judicial Resources

    Order to Dismiss

     Education and Training  Order to Dismiss (file download).

    Judicial Resources

    Order in Probate to Transfer to District Court Sua Sponte

     Education and Training  Order in Probate to Transfer to District Court Sua Sponte (file download).


    Clerks Education Committee for Probate Academy

     Education and Training  The Clerks Education Advisory Committee for Probate Academy is comprised of county clerks representing various regions of the state.


    Texas Judicial Academy Committees

     Education and Training  The County Judges Education Advisory Committee has supported judicial education programs for constitutional county judges.

    Education & Training

    Access Transcripts Online

     Education and Training  Continuing Education transcripts for judges, commissioners, tax assessor-collectors, treasurers and for the County Investment Academy and Commissioners Court Advanced Curriculum can now be accessed by logging into your profile.

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