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    Texas County Voice

     News & Information A podcast from the Texas Association of Counties about the people, issues and all things important to Texans and Texas counties.



     News & Information Are you writing about the Texas Association of Counties or needing information about issues affecting Texas county government? Here's a guide to information for journalists, students, legislative staffers, analysts and researchers.


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     About TAC The TAC Way defines the fundamentals ​​we are committed to to build a high-performing culture.​​

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     About TAC TAC offers a wide range of services to help counties navigate through the process county government.


    Facts About Texans and Their County Governments

     News & Information Texas is diverse. The physical size of Texas counties range from state-sized to small, from sparsely to densely populated.


    The Role of Texas Counties

     News & Information Counties play a major role in governing Texas. The state of Texas relies on 254 county governments to deliver key services.

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     News & Information Here you will find TAC approved logos and images that can be readily used.


    County Job Postings

     TAC General  Welcome to County Jobs Roundup. Search for job postings submitted by county human resource officers in Texas’ 254 counties.