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    County Magazine

    Winter 2023

    County Magazine | February 13, 2023

    CMRC focuses on relevant county issues

    County News | Health & Benefits News

    This year's County Management & Risk Conference will be held March 22-24 at the Kalahari Resorts & Conventions in Round Rock, and a virtual option will also be available to attendees.

    "Members can expect what they're used to getting, which is a good time spent with their colleagues, networking within the counties and spending one-on-one time with TAC Risk Management Services staff,” said Jennifer Kolbasinski, Operations Manager for TAC Risk Management Services. 

    She said the TAC Risk Management Pool chooses topics each year that align with issues counties are facing. In light of the 2021 Mason County courthouse fire, this year’s conference will have an emphasis on property coverage and crisis response. Other session topics include workplace violence red flags, handling media scrutiny, workplace culture and a variety of other risk management topics. There will also be information from the TAC Health and Employee Benefits Pool.

    "Every year we try to make this conference more impactful than the year before,” Kolbasinski said. “I hope people walk away from this year’s conference energized and empowered to return to their counties to apply what they learned. We want our members to continue to grow as professionals as they navigate their roles in serving the public."