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    Basics of County Investments Course

    Basics of County Investments Course

    Education co-sponsor: McCoy College of Business Administration at Texas State University

    In today's economy, sound management of county financial assets can mean the difference between an embarrassing financial disaster and investment returns that supplement precious tax dollars. Prudent, professional management of public funds requires specialized knowledge and expertise. Investment laws, the state of the economy and other factors must be taken into consideration when developing a county's financial strategy. Proper and frequent training for public funds investors can prevent costly errors.

    The Basics of County Investments Course offers 14.75 hours of classroom instruction appropriate for all levels interested in the essentials of investing public funds. An additional 7.75 hours of in-depth, hands-on learning is offered for those actively investing funds. At the completion of the course, a final assessment will be given.

    Why is TAC investment training valuable?

    The Basics of County Investments Course meets the education requirements of the Texas Public Funds Investment Act and includes discussion of basic laws and regulations governing investment operations. Presentations will cover products and services in the public funds markets and updates on the latest laws and strategies. Course topics include putting together an investment policy, understanding allowable investment options, managing various types of risk and computing investment yields.

    This introductory course will prove to be especially helpful to commissioners court members and anyone directly involved in managing portfolios. Attendees will learn to make sense of financial jargon and concepts that may be unfamiliar. They will also learn how to avoid mistakes that could jeopardize a county's financial standing.

    Course graduates will be in a better position to ensure the safety of principal, portfolio liquidity and appropriate returns — all key areas of concern for county investments.

    County Investment Academy Membership

    This training course is required for membership in the TAC County Investment Academy. The academy provides investment education through a variety of conferences. Through the training, attendees have access to accurate, in-depth information, as well as a network of experienced county investors from across the state.

    In 2013, the McCoy College of Business Administration at Texas State University became a cooperative partner with the TAC County Investment Academy, which produces the basics course. Through the partnership, McCoy faculty sit on the County Investment Academy Education Committee, help plan academy trainings, review course content and teach the courses. Academy membership is acquired through the completion of the Basics of County Investments Course.

    Each year, the academy offers two education events at which members may earn credits toward the 15 hours required annually to maintain academy member standing. Members are recognized with special awards on the five-, 10-, 15-, 20- and 25-year anniversaries of completing the basics course.

    Who should attend?

    Any county official or county staff member may attend the County Investment Academy courses. Anyone who oversees public investments, such as auditors, commissioners court members, county investment officers and treasurers, are especially encouraged to participate. TAC recommends that all counties, especially those with considerable assets, have at least one person on staff who has completed the basics course.

    History of TAC's county investment training

    TAC has offered training to public funds investors for more than 30 years. The program was born when the need to keep public funds investors up-to-date and knowledgeable about investment strategies was realized. In 1992, TAC's first investment course was attended by 10 county investors. Since then, the education program has grown to include more advanced training and opportunities for continuing education.

    County Investment Education Committee

    Hon. Charles Bradley, co-chair
    Schleicher County Judge

    Hon. Renee L. Couch
    Comal County Treasurer

    Hon. Katherine Hudson
    Wise County Treasurer

    Hon. Tambra Kile
    Ochiltree County Treasurer

    Hon. Michael Lord Jr.
    Gaines County Treasurer

    Mr. Carlos A. Pereda Jr.
    Dimmit County Auditor

    Mrs. Amy Perez
    Harris County Deputy Executive Director, Office of Management & Budget

    Hon. Tracy Soldan
    Kerr County Treasurer

    Dr. William Chittenden, CTP, ex officio
    Texas State University Associate Professor of Finance, McCoy College of Business Administration, Texas State University

    Registration Fees
      Early Fee After Jan. 27
    Basics (14.75-hour course, ends Thursday at noon) $350 $400
    Complete Course (22.5-hour course, ends Friday) $425 $475

    NOTE: Attendance is limited to county officials and staff. June and November conferences, hosted by the County Investment Academy, are open for attendance by all.


    Checks payable to Texas Association of Counties

    Mailed to:
    Texas Association of Counties
    PO Box 2711
    San Antonio, TX 78299

    Special Services

    To ensure that our conference is ADA accessible to all, please contact Deanna Auert or Amy Lawson at (800) 456‑5974, if you need assistance.