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    News Article | November 01, 2023

    Phishing: Recognize & Report It

    Technology News
    Technology Solutions | County Information Resources Agency (CIRA)
    Cybersecurity: recognize and report phishing.

    Phishing occurs when cybercriminals try to trick you into taking a specific action, such as opening a harmful link or attachment or sharing sensitive information, to expose you or your county to cybercrime. Phishing messages or "bait" usually come in the form of an email, text, direct message on social media or phone call. These messages are often designed to look like they come from a trusted person or organization and may include an urgent request for you to take action.

    Phishing attacks have become an increasingly common problem for organizations of all sizes and are becoming more difficult to spot. Failure to recognize a phishing attempt could result in identity theft, credit card fraud, ransomware attacks, and huge financial losses for your county. That's why it's important for all of us to know how to spot red flags, and why we should always stop and think before clicking a link or opening an attachment.

    To learn more about phishing attempts, including how to recognize them, how to report them and more, download this helpful tipsheet from the National Cybersecurity Alliance.