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    News Article | November 01, 2023

    Turn on Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

    Technology News
    Technology Solutions | County Information Resources Agency (CIRA)
    Cybersecurity: turn on multifactor authentication.

    Experts recommend implementing multiple layers of security, especially for county email accounts and other online accounts that hold personal or sensitive information. This multi-layered approach is called "Multifactor Authentication" or MFA for short and may be referred to as "Two-Step Verification" or "Two-Factor Authentication."

    What is MFA?
    A cybersecurity measure that requires users to provide two or more methods of authentication to verify their identity in order for them to log in and access an account.

    Why Use MFA?
    As threat actors and their tactics rapidly increase in sophistication, it's more important than ever to secure your online information with more than a password alone. MFA makes it harder for unauthorized users to gain access to accounts and information, even if a password is compromised. In fact, MFA can block 99.9% of attacks, according to Microsoft.

    Learn More
    To learn more about MFA, how it works, and the different forms in which it's often available, download this helpful tipsheet from the National Cybersecurity Alliance.

    Did You Know?
    All email accounts provided by TAC's County Information Resources Agency (CIRA) allow for the enablement of MFA at no additional cost. To enable MFA or for more information, contact the TAC CIRA team at or at (800) 456‑5975