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    Healthy Byte | November 2023 | Volume 10, Issue 11

    News Article | November 28, 2023

    EAP Benefit Spotlight - SafeRide

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    Your employer encourages all employees and their family members to act responsibly by not driving under the influence of alcohol. To ensure your safety, Alliance Work Partners (AWP) offers SafeRide. SafeRide is intended for those occasions when calling a cab is the right thing to do. The program is provided to you at NO COST and is 100% CONFIDENTIAL.

    If you find yourself in a situation where you or someone you are riding with is incapacitated, call your local cab company or rideshare service for a safe ride home.

    Key Points to Remember:

    • Up to 50 miles one way
    • AWP reimburses the cab/rideshare fare (no tips, fees or surcharges)
    • Up to three times in a three year period
    • Second claim within a 12 month period requires telephonic assessment
    • Third claim within a 36 month period requires face to face assessment

    When to take a Safe Ride:

    • Drunk/"one too many" alcoholic beverages
    • Drowsiness due to medication
    • Emotional distress (i.e., receives bad news on the job, learns of a death in the family, finalizing a divorce, etc.)

    Go to to create a customized account. Select "Access Your Benefits."
    Use registration code: AWP-TACHEBP-4661.

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