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    TAC Health & Employee Benefits Pool

    Healthy Byte | November 2023 | Volume 10, Issue 11

    News Article | November 28, 2023

    Register Today for the New WebMD ONE Wellness Portal!

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    Health & Wellness Support | Health & Employee Benefits

    Register today for the new Healthy County wellness portal, WebMD ONE!

    We are excited to announce that we already have nearly 700 members who have registered for the new program! WebMD ONE can help guide you toward your healthy place. Whether you'd like to spend more time in nature, in the comfort of your home or in the company of loved ones, it offers exciting new tools that can help you enjoy better well-being and experience more feel-good moments in your life. Learn how to download the app or register online, and connect your device! Download our How To Guide for step by step instructions on getting started.

    All covered employees and their covered spouse have access to the portal. Also, covered employees AND covered spouses will be eligible for up to $75 in rewards this year for completing activities such as completing an annual exam, health assessment, physical activity contests and much more! Learn more on your Rewards tab on your WebMD account homepage. Here are a few of the many tools you'll have access to with WebMD ONE:

    • ONE Health Assessment—Receive a personalized report on your health along with steps to help you improve it.
    • Daily Habits—Start a plan and begin creating a new healthy habit. Focus on increasing your level of exercise, getting better sleep and so much more!
    • Community—Be part of a support system. Share helpful tips, discuss your experiences, and join conversations that will help you stay engaged in your health goals.
    • Rewards—Earn rewards for working toward your personal well-being goals and completing healthy activities.
    • Media library—Watch videos and listen to podcasts on well-being topics.
    • Device and App Connection Center—Connect a fitness device or app to automatically upload your activity.

    *Retirees are not eligible for the WebMD ONE program. All TAC HEBP employees and their spouses are eligible for the program. Fully pooled TAC HEBP groups and their spouses are eligible for rewards. Employees from the following ASO groups are eligible for rewards: Brazos, Comal (employees and spouses) and Guadalupe counties, and the Harris County Appraisal District.