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    TAC Health & Employee Benefits Pool

    For more than 35 years, TAC has furnished high-quality benefits to Pool member employees, retirees, officials and their dependents.​

    Forms | July 05, 2023

    Affordable Care Act

    The Texas Association of Counties Health and Employee Benefits Pool (TAC HEBP) is pleased to provide guidance for understanding the Affordable Care Act—commonly known as health care reform. The Pool provides updates and education about health care reform at many TAC and county official conferences across the state.

    We have staff available to answer your questions regarding the major parts of the law, including:

    • Health insurance marketplaces (also known as Public Exchanges)
    • Health plan requirements and cost-sharing restrictions
    • The employer mandate
    • The individual mandate
    • The excise tax, or “Cadillac tax”

    General Overview of ACA

    Download this helpful presentation, which provides a general overview of ACA forms, codes and employer responsibility.

    ACA Reporting & Tracking Services (ARTS)

    To assist with meeting the reporting requirements of the ACA, TAC HEBP offers counties and districts help through the Pool’s ACA Reporting and Tracking Service (ARTS).

    The ARTS program includes the following services:

    • Measurement, Administrative, and Stability Period tracking and notification of eligibility for part-time, variable and seasonal employees
    • Reporting for your county or district regarding the status of potential benefits-eligible employees
    • Printing of your county or district’s 1094C and 1095C forms, and transmission to the IRS
    • Printing of your county or district’s 1094B and 1095B forms (applies to self-insured groups only) and transmission to the IRS

    2019 ARTS Agreement and File Templates
    For guidance, education, evaluation, a benefit plan review and more, our Employee Benefits Consultants are here to help you.

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