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    County Judge (CE)

     Education and Training  New judges must obtain 30 credit hours in their first 12 months and 1.33 hours (16 hours/12 months) for each month afterward until the end of the current reporting period.


    District Clerk (CE)

     Education and Training  Texas district clerks are required to attain 20 hours during each calendar year that begins after election or appointment.


    County Commissioner (CE)

     Education and Training  Commissioners are required to attain 16 hours every 12-month period and may carry forward up to 8 hours. Some exceptions apply.


    County Treasurer (CE)

     Education and Training  A county treasurer must successfully complete an introductory course of instruction in the performance of the duties of county treasurer.


    Texas Judicial Academy Frequently Asked Questions

     Education and Training  Collections of the most common questions and brief, easy-to-understand answers. 


    County Auditor (CE)

     Education and Training  County Auditors/CPA's are required to attain 40 hours during each two-year appointment.


    Constable (CE)

     Education and Training  Constables are required to attain 40 hours biannually, 20 hours of which must be in civil process.


    Justice of the Peace (CE)

     Education and Training  Justices of the peace are required to obtain 80 hours during their first year in office and 20 hours annually thereafter.


    Tax Assessor-Collector (CE)

     Education and Training  A county assessor-collector must successfully complete 20 hours of continuing education before each anniversary of the date on which the county assessor-collector takes office.


    Sheriff (CE)

     Education and Training  Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) may require any sheriff who is not a commissioned peace officer to attend up to 40 hours of education within two to four years of taking office.


    County Clerk (CE)

     Education and Training  Texas county clerks are required to attain 20 hours during each calendar year that begins after election or appointment.


    District Attorney (CE)

     Education and Training  Texas district attorneys are required to attain 15 hours every 12-month period, with that 12-month period being based on your birth month, ten hours must be earned in a formal classroom setting and up to five hours may be earned in self-study.

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