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    Condition Management

     Health & Employee Benefits Pool  Sometimes managing your health requires more than just doctor visits, lab tests and prescriptions. As a member of the Texas Association of Counties Health and Employee Benefits Pool (TAC HEBP), you have access to programs and services, through Blue Care Connection®,designed with your health and wellness in mind. 



     Health & Employee Benefits Pool  Livongo empowers self-management
    of chronic conditions for individuals with diabetes and/or hypertension.



     Health & Employee Benefits Pool  Omada is a digital lifestyle-change program that helps people at risk for Type 2 diabetes or heart disease lose weight and build sustainable habits that improve their health.


    Healthy County Wellness Program

     Health & Employee Benefits Pool  As a member of TAC HEBP, your county or district has access to the comprehensive and results-oriented​ Healthy County wellness program.​


    Prescription Benefits

     Health & Employee Benefits Pool  TAC HEBP's size enables extremely competitive prescription pricing. This helps stabilize and ultimately lower premiums for our members.


    Wondr Health™

     Health & Employee Benefits Pool  An innovative online program that focuses on how you eat – more than what you eat – simultaneously reducing weight, metabolic risk factors and chronic disease risks.


    Wellness Consultants & Services

     Health & Employee Benefits Pool  Providing Custom Employee Wellness Solutions and Ongoing Support.


    Tobacco Cessation Prescription Benefit

     Health & Employee Benefits Pool  A voluntary program that provides online tools, support, personal coaching and discounts for wellness-related products and services to quit tobacco use.


    24-hour Nurseline

     Health & Employee Benefits Pool  Call (866) 412-8795, day or night, to speak with an experienced registered nurse who can help with your health care concerns.


    Retiree Health Coverage

     Health & Employee Benefits Pool  TAC HEBP believes in providing reliable, smart benefits that are attractive to your employees and practical once they have retired. That’s why we provide options for retiree medical coverage through trusted vendor partners.


    Group Term Life Coverage

     Health & Employee Benefits Pool  The Texas Association of Counties works with members of TAC HEBP to provide group term life and accidental death and dismemberment coverage to county employees and their dependents.


    Group Health, Dental & Vision Coverage

     Health & Employee Benefits Pool  TAC HEBP is a self-funded pool that offers group health, prescription and dental benefits to active and retired county employees, officials and their dependents through BlueCross BlueShield of Texas (BCBSTX).

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