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    Blog | March 09, 2022

    Blog: Celebrating Women’s History Month with Texas county officials

    County Magazine

    In recognition of Women's History Month this month, we thank the more than 1,500 female elected county officials in the state of Texas. Here are a few of the many women who make an impact on county government and what motivates them in their jobs every day.

    TAC: What do you like about your job?

    Hon. Amber King, Loving County Justice of the Peace: What I like about my job is that it isn't about being right, it's about doing what's right. It is my duty to always seek justice and I think it's so important to our judicial system.

    Hon. Kim Jones, Childress County Judge: Being a county judge in a rural town can be very challenging. There are many different hats you have to wear from one moment to the next. I enjoy the challenge. I also really enjoy working with the elected officials and employees of Childress County. They have been a big part of my family for 12 years.

    Jen Crownover, Comal County Commissioner: I love that every day is different, and just when you think you have things figured out, something completely new flies in out of left field, and the challenges continue!

    Hon. Rachel Chavez Duran, Sutton County Judge: The challenge. It has made me discover things about myself I never knew.

    TAC: What does it mean to you to be an elected female county official?

    King: It means doing the job to the best of your ability. It often means juggling home and work life, but you shouldn't have to lose who you are. I am blessed to have a supportive family who encourage me to focus on my dreams and push me to always do better. It is knowing your strengths and working on your weaknesses to become the best person you can be, which is paramount to your success.

    Jones: I am honored to have been recently elected to serve Childress County as their first female county judge. I believe female county officials can give a different perspective, ideas and direction to local government.

    Crownover: I really don’t think about it that much. I just am who I am. I work hard, play hard and love serving my county! I’ve always been a little bit of a farm girl/tomboy anyways, so I don’t mind being in a ‘man’s world.’

    Duran: Strength and sacrifice. Women are passionate, engaged, ambitious and don’t mind leading. It’s a God given gift most of us live in our everyday lives. The sacrifice’s we make are instinctive.

    TAC: What’s your philosophy on leadership or favorite quotes about leadership?

    King: “Just do what's right.” “I wear big boots, because I will probably step on your toes.”

    Jones: "And whatever you do (no matter what it is) in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus and in (dependence upon) His Person, giving praise to God the Father through Him." -Colossians 3:17

    Crownover: I love being able to help people, and there’s no task that I’m above doing. I love being ‘in the trenches’ with our fellow county employees and experiencing a day with them when I can. Same with the people I work for a.k.a. my constituents. I pride myself in keeping a good pulse of the community, understanding them, and being accessible; everything from my station days (working from fire stations in different areas of my precinct for folks to drop by at their convenience) to my social media presence, to my (seemingly) 16 trips to the local hardware store on any given weekend and answering any and all of their questions when they see me.

    Duran: “The best way for us to cultivate fearlessness in our daughters and other young women is by example.” - Gloria Steinem

    Written by: Melissa Maluski