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Texas Association of Counties
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    Resource Library

    Search and view every resource that is currently available on our website.


    Investment Committee

     Risk Management Pool  Investment Committee


    Executive Committee

     Risk Management Pool  Executive Committee


    Court Assistants Advisory Committee

     Education and Training  The Court Assistants Advisory Committee is comprised of county court assistants and commissioners court coordinators representing various regions of the state.


    TAC CIRA Advisory Committee

     TAC CIRA  A list of members who serve on the Advisory Committee for TAC County Information Resources Agency.


    Contact our Team

     TAC CIRA  Send a message to our team with any comments, questions or concerns.


    County Judges Education Advisory Committee

     Education and Training  The County Judges Education Advisory Committee has supported judicial education programs for constitutional county judges.

    Outreach Tools

    Texas County Voice

     News & Information A podcast from the Texas Association of Counties about the people, issues and all things important to Texans and Texas counties.


    County Elections Academy Advisory Committee

     Education and Training  The County Elections Academy Advisory Committee supports elections edutcation programs for constitutional county officials.


    Submit a Request to TAC's Cybersecurity Training Support Team

     Education and Training  Use this form for a variety of cybersecurity related supprt topics. Ranging from submitting completed enrollment items to questions about TAC’s DIR-certified cybersecurity training course, report an issue or technical difficulties and more!


    County Magazine Archives

     News & Information A Publication of the Texas Association of Counties

    Education & Training

    Your Listserv is Now Upgraded to a Mobilize Community

     Education and Training  TAC offers and supports listserv groups to county officials and staff with the purpose of sharing questions and solutions across the counties.


    Advertise With Us

     News & Information A Publication of the Texas Association of Counties

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